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The word Clarity

January 10th, 2011 2 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

The word Clarity, comes from seeing with the eyes of the soul.  Inside and out. Clarity is what it is. Without attachments.  Without judgment. Clarity overshadows all darkness and ignorance. Clarity grows with the gentle water of knowledge.

Clarity means your capacity to see through BS.  Including yours. Clarity is there when you know that there are no good or bad experiences. They are all experiences, and all posses value.

The trap of clarity, though is that its flame can disappear with exposure to higher frequency  of light. Meaning that it can blind us.  To conquer Clarity, we need to be clear with ourselves first. We need to keep ourselves in check at all times,  with truth and honesty , at the same time we are able to  seeing other people’s circumstances  with clarity.

Otherwise,  we are separating ourselves from the oneness of all things and and competing with our fellow spiritual beings having a human experience. So clarity should be 50/50 directed to others as much as it is to yourself.

On Thursday 1-27-2011  at 3pm Neal Worthington and I will have our “Passing the Torch of Sustainability Program” featuring the word “Clarity” We’ll elaborate more about the word. Check the link.

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How an actor and an Entrepreneur meet similar challenges to connect with their audience.

January 3rd, 2011 2 Comments » Filed under Sales

When I used to  coach  Unlock the Game Members, I loved to use the theater example with Hamlet and his “To be or not to be” so appropriate to the human soul. You don’t become Hamlet overnight. You prepare to become Hamlet. It is not the same to recite Hamlet as it is to “Become Hamlet”

If you are an actor,  most likely it is your purpose,  you love what you do, and you want to add your own magic to the character,  you have to find your way to undoubtedly  “become  Hamlet”, because otherwise, you will never make it to Opening Night.

The deeper his  soul blends with Hamlet’s soul in the process, the better job he is  going to do,  at interpreting the character in its own brilliance, and the more all audiences will be enchanted by him and his craft. Now, what is the science behind “Becoming Hamlet”, or being a master actor. The same science behind mastering the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and being a master Entrepreneur.

It is hard to believe when you think about it. But one of the main elements to accomplish  success  in acting,  is repetition.   Rehearsal, right?   Inspiration needs Perspiration  at once and in unison with her. As a matter of fact we learn through repetition and unlearn through repetition. Repetition is key.

You get that concept,  right? Now, bear with me here. Believe it or not, his is the  same process you go through to become an Entrepreneur who actually masters the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.  You prepare yourself  like an actor for Opening Night for your Audience. When all your thinking,  feeling and acting are  going to be aligned to become the Mindset that will manifest the Entrepreneur in its entire  potential.

How do you prepare ? You prepare by studying the character in depth, reflecting and researching on his or her personality, and life experience. Then, you start the repetition. Rehearsal. Until you master it. The same way an Entrepreneur prepares to meet his or her audience, by reflecting and researching their prospect’s thinking and  needs, and crafting the language to communicate the solution, in a process of repetition.

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How do I deal with difficult situations and troubles?

January 2nd, 2011 3 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

Yesterday, a facebook friend, Kuldip Singh, sent me this message: “Respected Luz Aguirrebena, Do you mind straight questions? I hope not. What do you feel and do when facing unsolicited difficult situations and troubles?

I feel like sharing this with you guys!

This is what I answered: “I have trained myself to acknowledge the initial shock, give it a short space and time to accept it as a reality in front of me, a mourning time sort of  speak.  Then, file the memory in the archive of the past and  immediately start focusing 100% in the solution. I understood and incorporated in my consciousness the idea that  Difficult situations and Troubles are reminders from my Soul to stop,  Rethink and Regroup.  SRR.  Not SOO (Big smile).  Difficult situations and Troubles are not the end of the world. They act as   compasses that guide my journey.  So,  when they come my way now,  I take them with some humor and  curious anticipation of what they will bring me.They always bring a bright light and great things.

It is our perception of difficult situations and troubles the one that determines the outcome. When you take the drama away and allow the big picture to unfold in front of your eyes, difficult situations and troubles become the light underneath the ashes of ignorance.

It is a decision, always your decision.

I wish you with all my heart a Soulful 2011!

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