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How my perception of time affects me.

November 19th, 2010 2 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

There is something to be said about your perception of time as in “it gets in the stillness  of the moment”. Interfering. Urging that specific sacred pearl of the NOW, to jump fast into the next pearl to fast forward the result, with the intention of pretending the pearl of the NOW doesn’t exist. Pretending you are not connected to the previous pearl or the next pearl you yourself will enhance. Your focus is in the result. Without paying attention. In a hurry to get to the end.

What an illusion, as if she didn’t exist and her moment of birth to her life purpose to be a part of this specific pearl necklace of creation, wasn’t important. Would not be entitled and acknowledged. No wonder we create cancer in our bodies.

Now read the word NOW backwards. It spells WON. I feel the obsession for the result is so ingrained in me, that its layers of voices of false beliefs to be peeled from the onion of pain in my life in this planet, still interfere with myself attaining my wholeness.

It fundamentally interferes with my creativity. That creativity coming from the magnet of my heart. The one who doesn’t want those voices floating around in the form of thoughts any more. They can rest in peace in the archives of the past.
I am committed to acknowledge each and every pearl as a unique piece of wisdom in the necklace of coherence and sequence in the global community.

What occurs then, is that you are not yet fully  acknowledging that specific unique  sacred pearl who is vital to enhance the next pearl, the one who will pass on her experience of wisdom to the following scene, the following pearl passing the torch of sustainability.

To sequence the entire necklace of your purpose, being able to vibrate in resonance with your heart. You are avoiding to go to the place where you can enter the stillness of the moment, wand your magic wand and create whatever you want to create. Pearl after pearl.

You are avoiding your own power to create. That perception of time with its rigidity to the human soul, has its way to discombobulate the vibration of your heart. Interfere with its frequency. Because there is no sequence in its mind. There is no oneness among humans. We are separate from each other. There is no oneness inside humans.  We are separated inside. Part of us can’t but to say yes to the voice of the virus of the mind. The voice of separation and competition…The illusion of separation

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day

November 11th, 2010 No Comments » Filed under Inner Child Quote

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk. ~Carl Jung~ Yes, that is the ignorance, we keep telling people what to do thinking that will make the difference and then it is like “how is it possible they don’t listen…” Well scientifically, they become our actions. So, watch and mind your actions and monitor your thoughts to model the person you foresee your son or daughter to be when they grow up.

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