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Open Letter to Millennials, Parents of Millennials and Everybody in Between

July 29th, 2009 8 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement


Greetings!  my dear “Funding Millennials Dreams” Group Members, and SHO members.  I want to thank each and everyone of you who joined the group in the last weeks. I am grateful and honored to share this journey with you all, and I am very excited to get the marketing machines going to be able to reach out and divulge  big time.

For the ones of you who are not yet part of the group, here is the link so that you can join us there. Here is the link.

Berny, it is such a pleasure to have you be a part of this dream. We all know that you are a visionary dreamer. The best of a kind. And you believe in me…more than anyone, right? Thanks for that. So much:)

So, I want to give you the heads up of new developments and some plans to start implementing together immediately, so that we can  reach every Millennial in the planet who needs help… Yesterday.

I’ll start with a little bit of the story, and a little bit of my thoughts…the story, where the vision was planted.

and this is how it all started…some of you remember. Some of you in this group were there.

I have 3 sons. Two millennials. (A Chinese proverb says there is a place in heaven for a mother of 3 boys. :)) The first one is older. Ever since my two millennials became teenagers, they kept bringing all their friends to our home. The same way they had done since they could walk.  It was like with the first step they were on a mission to connect and grow some kind of an assembly. They had lots of them, and more kept coming. You can imagine the traffic.

The two Millennials plus their oldest brother made 3  social butterflies in one home. It got to a point in the end, that Ryan volunteered to sum it up in one phrase or two. I never forget it.  It was when the boys moved to San Francisco. “You get an “A” + as a parent Luzma. I have never seen a house where 60  ( people  people people)…would hang out  per week for the longest time. 6 years”.  He gave me the numbers! Thanks Ry Guy.

Connecting the dots backwards as Steve Jobs beautifully expresses it, little did I know  I was doing a case study with my future beloved target audience!

I still laugh when I think about it… Ryan should know, his dad, my dear friend Tom Devine was there  right after me, except that his Dad had only him, after him came Shanna.  With sweet Shanna was a different dynamic (smile).

Yes, it was crazy, and yes, I complained a lot. However, I had a compelling need to be around them. I also deeply empathized with their need to hang out. When they became teenagers, the groups grew. That is when I started seeing that look, the look from the new acquaintances who didn’t know me,  at first sight.

The look that said  without doubt, with a mixture of acceptance and annoyance “Who are you… and what do you think you are doing.” It was so strong…sometimes felt like we the adults were somehow  the enemy…after a while of interaction, it changed to: You are alright. You somehow get it. Let me in…not much more than that. (I am on a mission to see my friends here), what can be more important than that…not much more than that. Check this study by the Mac Arthur Foundation on the Hanging Out element of Millennials lives and behaviors.

Click here:

My youngest Millennial’s 15th birthday was kidnapped by 911. (He was born 9/11/86…) For life. Can you blame them? Look at the world we are leaving  for them…it doesn’t make sense when you are thinking straight… and it seems that Millennials are a lot more capable of thinking straight than we do. Berny said this week at the 709 forum that competitive capitalism is insane. I couldn’t agree more… And then we don’t understand why Millennials might possibly be disgusted with our messed up dream, that feels more like a nightmare, the competitive island separation syndrome under the  collective illusion of  Narcissus dream.

Check out this photo, taken by a genius Italian photographer, it says it all.


When they were children, we fought the ADD battle…  like there was something wrong with them. Of course they had ADD, ADHD , Bi Polar disorder,  schizophrenia you name it. Every corner of society was giving them the message to dissociate from themselves…  mandating the ultimate betrayal.  The one to your own Spirit. The message has been consistently, “there is something wrong with you”.  Of course they were going: “Get me out of here” “Let me run away as far as I can” …telling us with their behavior what they needed, and what do we decide?…to calm them down.

It turned out that Hanging Out with their peers was the only thing they wanted to do. The only thing that soothed their soul. It totally made sense to me. I was happy to provide the  space. I could feel the pain.

This is just a thought, but the only idea that these kids , starting in middle school spend  to this day 40 hrs a week and 8 hours per day in a school,  from class to class,  with only one lunch -break, listening to people telling them what to do (because of course they don’t know anything), and then like that is not enough, going to homework land, seems like torture to me,  even if they are receiving a great curriculum. Correct me  if I am wrong, but wouldn’t you start acting like “take me out of here please” if you were 8?

I am convinced that we have created the ADD’s and all the remaining  list of conditions that showed their ugly face as a simple scream for attention. Attention Deficit Disorder, right? Who is showing deficit of lack of attention, who is not paying attention? Them? Or us…who are the adults…


When I think about that, I remember the sweet feeling of the (Recreos) breaks I experienced when I went to school. Back in South America, in the 50’s. They were outside, it felt so great to jump in the school gardens  and start running and playing  around the fruit trees, they were always showing off year after year the different seasons, with their corresponding smells, wind and light.

Jumping around and chatting with my peers was a joy!  Our  classes lasted 45 min. and were followed by  10 min. breaks between each  class.  In the middle of the morning a long break, 20 min. It was fun, it prepared our brain for the next class. There was sequence and connection.

Sometimes in the tranquility of my thoughts, I congratulate  those German catholic nuns who gave me such a great education. I thank them for there vision and the innovative curriculum that mandated their pedagogue  mission… And we were girls. And it was the 50’s.

Sometimes when I think about it, I regret  that my boys didn’t have that opportunity of  a scheduled rhythm more adapted to their nature, nor the pedagogue’s mission curriculum while they went to school.

Most likely they would have not shown so “severe symptoms” of attention deficit disorder. It seems  that somewhere along the way we lost touch with the real purpose of educating, and we didn’t see how much we were oblivious to these kids’  reality. Oblivious to paying attention to what they wanted to tell us…and this is just one thought…

When I started working on my dream,  before I quit my job at TWP, and wanted to secure a domain name for my tribe, I just did a brainstorming session with them. After a short discussion with Joe where he argued  I should open a restaurant because all of them would be my customers…for life, he was willing to commit :). (They loved the alchemy I did with food)…and me arguing that I had been in the food business already and didn’t want to go there any more,  we started considering different keywords and Soul Hang Out was born. It took about a week amassing consensus.

I didn’t know it then, but in a way, Soul Hang Out is the virtual extension of that space where they used to hang out that was my home…the Soul Hang Out house. Because it all started with my passion for understanding actually where were they coming from. They gave me the clues, I got out there and got a lot of resources for them and others like them to benefit from… and now I am  coming back with a box of tools to help them in any way I can to make sure each one of them will become his or hers life purpose.

During those 6 years I watched them go to college, find a job, lose a job,  be confused, laugh, be stuck, try to find their way,  argue, get in trouble, have fun break up with their girlfriend… together. I noticed behaviors that led me to believe they were a very special generation, with very different thinking patterns compared to previous generations. It seemed within the historical circumstance they also had  a unique task.

The task started  revealing  itself when they chose to go to the polls, vote and impact the 2008 election  in an unprecedented way…see? those are the same kids that were oblivious to the voting polls in the last 8 years ago.  No matter what your politics, that was a clear message.


Being aware of the power of collective thinking, I realized they somehow  were tapping into a new way of relating to each other as a group that was fundamental to the new paradigm shift. It felt very organic. Among other things, somehow they were equipped better to easily file the past experiences  in the archives of the past and move on to their next multitasking endeavor, they saw through BS without the drama.

It was Michael Murdock a few months after my singular experience of attending the CEO Forum Class 1208, who kindly introduced me to Scott Degraffenreid. He said we were a fit. We shared the same passion. I needed to meet him. I could have not ever imagined how crucial that connection was going to be for me.

When I started reading  and watching Scott’s material, I just couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it. It felt so good to connect the dots.  There was so much resonance between my perception and his  “Root Cause Analysis” Results.   What I love most about Scott is his crystal clear  mathematical mind ,  and the courage to follow his passion to contribute in such a critical matter.

Here is Scott’s Material

To question the historical  circumstances of the Millennial mind  and study it all…  What a beautiful contribution. For me it was such a relief to confirm that there was scientific data to support my intuitive observations. I couldn’t be more grateful. It is invaluable material that can save lives. Yes, you read correctly. Save Lives. Mark my words.

If you are a millennial, you owe it to yourself to take responsibility for your life and learn this materials. It will make a lot of sense and answer questions that are babbling  in your mind preventing you from focusing into  your Life Purpose. They will quiet your soul.  They will restore your identity. They will release the burden of feeling  “wite out”. They will change your life.

If you are a parent of a Millennial and feel disconnected from your child, and helpless to reconnect, this information will give you the elements to start opening the dialogue with that delightful 10 year old again. In a new direction, it will make you understand and see things in a new light, bringing back peace to your relationship. It will open up the opportunity to grow together,  while you exchange the information with your child.


I have written extensively about the the fundamental  importance of Acknowledgment. If there was one word that activated would change the world, is Acknowledgment. Scott even has developed a course called The Art and Science of Acknowledgment, Learning the Languages that Bring People Together.

To only confirm that these kids are using both parts of the brain which is something we can’t even imagine with our inadequate obsolete programming, something we are still struggling to achieve for ourselves… It definitely is some kind of  a miracle!  How did it happen!  I am in awe. What really means to use both parts of our brains simultaneously. That is the question.  And so much more…

Here is Scott’s Material

That is why is so important to learn the scientific facts, again,  about what does it mean to have that ability.  Start a new INTER-GENERATIONAL CONVERSATIONwith them. Ask them, learn from them. Jeff Magee talks about generational segmentation.  I love how clearly he sees it. It is crucial now. That is why I call myself the Thought Provoking Irreverent Pearl Necklace of the 21st Century, to start tapping into that generational segmentation. To stand firm between the gaps of acknowledgment, and make history in the present.

The famous Jack F. Kennedy phrase comes to mind again. It is not what Millennials can do for us it is (more than ever), what we can do for Millennials. How about a commitment to treat every Millennial we encounter from now on with the CEO Style Greeting.  What are you doing,  and how can I help you...and then, if it’s relevant,  refer them to Soul Hang Out.

The suicidal rate among Millennials has increased at an alarming rate. It is the second cause of death among youth, preceded  by car accidents. It is reported that 3 million of youth are on medication and 80% are boys. The campuses report the 45% is medicated.  Think about it for a moment. Approximately half of the youth population is medicated… what does it tell us about the system…Check this study by Northwestern University.

Click here:

So, let me get this straight. These kids possess  the most amazing powers any other generation could have dreamed of,  came out to pass the torch to the new paradigm shift, and  have no clue  how special they are, and needed they are, here, now working with us with their passion to contribute…and nobody is reinforcing that because few people know. It is easier to disqualify them psychologically because they are different?

So they fall into despair because we refuse to stop and think. Perhaps they have a point…or two. It seems to me,  there is absence of authority and identity…that’s the despair.

Would you agree with me that suicidal darkness comes from a belief that you are not there… you don’t matter… if nobody is thinking of you… you don’t exist…?

Here is Scott’s Material

Would you agree with me that  these kids are devastated because they have not been acknowledged as who they are…and they are willing to kill themselves rather than  live being the thought of somebody else… ? Would you agree with me that  darkness is most of the time lack of information?


And would you agree with me that we need to get this message across as fast as we can so they can start believing in their mission. Believing  they are the new work force and carry in their dna a special frequency code that represents an  imperative to contribution  for the huge challenge and avalanche of  change we are facing?

Do you think this is an idea worth spreading?

I declare here today, that I acknowledge Millennials’ unprecedented  historical value. and I will use all of my time and resources to help   each one of them,  to bring the Authority of their Souls Back to their Lives,   Find their Life Purpose Fund their dream, and in the process   bring that suicidal rate down to 0 by the year 2012. We can’t afford to lose even one of them to suicide. We need them all at peace with themselves.

So, after 6 months, of putting the pieces together, I can finally articulate a written snap, an I choose to publish it for the first time here, with you all, in this group. Here it goes:

Millennials leading cause of death is suicide. My vision is to help them bring the Authority of their Soul Back to their Lives to Find their Life Purpose and Fund their Dream.

Mi mission is to bring  millennials’ suicide rate to “0” by the year 2012. If you are living your Life Purpose, there is no room for suicide. I believe in the power of Co-Creative Collective Thinking.


I have a  tribe, a virtual space called Soul Hang Out. The Spot to speak outr thoughts out loud, nest for the Inter-Generational Conversation to support Millennials on the paradigm shift .

Within Soul Hang Out, I have developed  “Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, Mastermind Groups…

Consciously Connecting and Combining Intelligence. Plus a touch of  “Curry”  The 7 “C’s for the seven Condiments of life in Cooperation.

Group calls 55 min and  6 people at the time, once a week plus one facilitator. Support groups to hyper grow first in USA and then expand to the world.  From the SHO umbrella.

I am working on 2 Circles.

  • Millennials  Life Purpose Live
  • The Chambers of the new Sales and Business Mindset.

I am working on the launch of the Membership side of Soul Hang Out. A 6 months program dedicated to “Parenting your Inner Child” (The only authority that can penetrate the Inner Child, is the one of your Soul. :)) To create a playground in their minds for their child to deposit all its creative power.

I am an affiliate of N2 Millennials. I know that Scott’s materials CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN EVERY MILLENNIAL’S LIFE. In every Millennial’s parent. Therefore I am committed to divulge Scott’s materials to every parent and every Millennial in the country and Canada, for starters. Here is Scott’s Material

Another of my Joint Ventures is with Bionic Golf and Martha  (Martita ) Sue Yeary. We are working  to form  groups of 18 Millennials in every city of the USA in order to organize the  golf tournaments that will  raise money to fund their  dream, while playing golf. The fun way of  raising money.

I am associated with Brian Tracy’s i Learning Global, Ijfusion and some other MLM opportunities, plus my IM research for 2.5 years left me with invaluable resources for business and growth opportunity.

CEO Space is another resource of insurmountable value. We need to make CEO Space available, accessible and affordable for them to come and we can do it.

I am also privileged to be associated with Cheryl Bertrand and “The Peaceful Woman” to facilitate 3 retreats in Hawaii this year. The Peaceful Woman Philosophy ties perfectly well with  SHO Co-Creative Circles of Coherence and women are going to make the difference in this process. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, We are looking at hyper  growing from Hawaii to other sacred places in the world.

I am using W 2.0 Facebook, Tweeter,  Linked in  and My Space for my marketing campaigns. Joint ventures, podcasts, video are on the way.

So, I have been working alone so far, with a lot of support form CEO Space Graduates and other friends though, and now that everything is ready to go, the branding and the marketing machine, there is no time to waste.  I can’t do it alone any more.  I need help!  Here is what I need.

  1. Funding, funding, funding or a partner/Investor passionate about  the project.
  2. I need  help to promote the N2 Millennials materials. Pass it to your friends. It is free, and if they want to go deeper, they go for the next step. In the meantime they start being aware.
  3. I need Ambassadors in every city, willing to coordinate and organize groups of 18 Millennials at the time to start the golf tournaments  to fund their dreams. We have one tournament scheduled for September 28 in the East Coast, in the Washington DC metro area. Who do you know…send them my way

So, who do you know…and thanks so much to all in advance.


Here is Scott Degraffenreid Material, N2 Millennials

Berny, thanks for joining our SHO/BONIC Golf  group to fund Millennials dreams!  It is such a pleasure to have you. As you always say, it is not about the money. It is about who you know…aren’t I lucky that I chose to know you?  Arn’t I  lucky that you joined this group?

So… who do you know.:)

That’s all for now my friends, I would love to hear your feedback, and thanks so much for your attention.

Have a blissful week.


The Thought Provoking Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st Century. Poet/Marketer/Storyteller/Mrs Fire

Founder Soul Hangout

Founder of  Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, Soul Mastermind Groups Consciously Connecting & Combining Intelligence. The 7 “C”‘s of the 7 Condiments of Cooperation

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How do you like, the title “Co-Creative Circles of Coherence”

July 18th, 2009 1 Comment » Filed under Acknowledgement

Hello my dear Tribe Members. I know, I have been slow in posting here for a while… too busy with  facebook and twitter lol. In other words very busy marketing several elements that will take Soul Hang Out to the next level, as so many of you already know. (that is all I talk about all the time, right? …compulsive behavior…who? …thanks for your patience.:)  I think about you guys, my beautiful readers and friends all the time, so please bear with me and don’t feel neglected  ok?

OK, so let me give you the heads up. I am working on  2 Ongoing “Coaching” Mastermind Groups of 6 people at the time, one hour at the time, one week at the time. Now, before I tell you the thinking behind it, with  relevant details, I would love your thoughts about the title… How do you like  the title  “Co-Creative Circles of Coherence” ?

The headline reads  like this: Connecting and Combining Conscious Intelligence. The 6 “C’s”

As  many of you know, I was in San Francisco for most of the month of June. stayed with the boys , Isaiah, Maile , Beba’s puppies, Beba and Rif Raf, human, canine and feline members of our family, had a great time , while kept working on the Soul Hang Out Coaching Groups, and other projects.

I also was privileged to assist to the HUB Conference in San Francisco on the 14th. My very dear sister, Rachel Flower invited me. Thanks so much Rachel…it was great  fun to play with you, besides, this conference was one of the most fulfilling and extraordinary experiences of my life.  (And I have been to some amazing conferences for the last 2 years…)  Perhaps there were 500 to 700 people. You could feel the beat of the earth singing in unison with all of us. Nothing short of remarkable. A planetary experience, as Barbara Marx Hubbard would say.

Above is a video of Barbara and  her  presentation at the event, I have to confess that I have been thinking of  how to structure and word these groups for a long time, with the purpose to have them reflect 100% with my thinking. So there was some innovative thinking going on. But it was the HUB conference and especially Barbara, with whom I resonated so much, what helped me come up with most of the language.  A remarkable 80 year old woman.

Check out the video, and kindly let me know your thoughts about the title and any ideas you can think of.

I will give you more details very soon.

A big hug.


The Thought Provoking, Irreverent  Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st C

Founder Soul Hangout

Founder of  Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, Soul Mastermind Groups Consciously Connecting & Combining Intelligence. The 7 “C”‘s of the 7 Condiments of Cooperation

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