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Open Letter to my Tribe Members.

March 24th, 2009 No Comments » Filed under Letters

Some of you have come to me lately, in the last months  and asked for the newsletter or the post notifications with surprise because  you  had not received any in  a long time,  trying to alert me at the same time to make sure the emails  were not lost in the immensity of the ciber space.

Thanks guys, for looking out. The truth is I haven’t been posting in the blog  since December. More likely slowed down dramatically after the summer.

This doesn’t mean that I have not been writing. As a matter of fact, I have been writing a lot. Mission concepts, sales letters, revenue projections, Business Plan elements. Equity branding.

So, for the ones of you who have been asking about the coaching and the services in Soul Hang Out, those of you who are in my tribe, have been in my tribe for years and those members to come, for years, I have great news.

I have come up with a plan to use Soul Hang Out as the platform of the Soul Hang Out Tribe.

I never imagined how long takes the process of weaving an idea into manifested reality. The study, the research, the focus and passion involved. It has been an amazing process, though. It was the time needed to craft the language that will convey the vision of the mission.

I have to admit, my dear friends, I have been feeling bad about not keeping the connection with you all, through the blog.  However, at the same time it was important  to go into creating the best systems and elements to get the word out and the most important one. Find the right language that will speak to my audience. So I figured since there is no two of me, I did not have a choice. I did miss you all a lot,  though!!!

So, now is the time to come out of the creative cave and voice out my mission. Coming out with my voice has been a whole process in itself. It was kind of comfortable to be in my mute  cave and just write.

Believe it or not,  2 years of research,  deep study of the masters, internet marketing, business and sales 21st century mindset, combined with a lifetime experience and study of the human mind, and human behavior starting with mine, and a lifetime as a sales person selling advertising, have positioned  me in an advantageous position.

My thinking is suddenly the new trend. it feels fantastic!

The irony is that at a time in history that the status quo is collapsing in front of our eyes,  and some people are paralyzed and panicking, on one side,  it has never been so easy to become an entrepreneur and attain financial freedom while being HAPPY at the same time, on the other side.

The result is that these days you have two kinds of conversations going on. “Oh my god what are we going to do,,, is so bad” and the other one that says “Oh my God, this is such an immense opportunity to create a new world where everybody wins. Because what  it is important after all is to do what you love to do for a living. For one thing is more productive. Because it makes people more happy ,  more creative and of course more productive.

So, I personally don’t engage in conversation about how bad things are. Because I think there has not been a better moment in history to make a difference to make a better world by our actions.  As Berny Dohrmann, the Chairman of the Board of CEO Space says, “this is not a cause any more It  is a cultural revolution.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The faster we understand the big picture here, the easier the process will be.  Change implies some reflection and effort, I am not going to deny it, but what is the alternative. Think about it.

In order to do the shift in a less painful manner, it is important to reconnect with History. It is important to acknowledge the past as the stepping stone from the present to the future. The Past is important, not to reminisce, or dwell, or get hooked without questioning. It needs to be questioned because it holds  the keys  for the future.

Throughout all this process, while building my equity branding, I came to the conclusion that there are too many gurus out there telling people what to do.

I like the idea of going  back to the “primitive” customs, recreate the circle around the bonfire, of those tribes who are connected to what it is. Today,  in spite of the technology. The  elder, passing the torch of wisdom to the next generation. The stories of their experience. The voice of the Grandmother, bringing the keys for the future, with the acknowledgment of the past. Integrating the Inter-Generational conversation.

Then I realized that I just had to embody that grandmother. I was that grandmother. I am 60 and have one grandson.I am that voice coming out of that grandmother. I was born in 1949.

So, here it goes, what I call my equity branding. Ready?

I am the Thought Provoking Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st Century. Poet and Marketer.

I hang out at  my Tribe,  Soul Hang Out and we help teenagers and millennials monetize their passion providing them with the tools and resources to manifest their dream.

This is the Entrepreneurial Era. Entrepreneurs inspired by their passion to contribute to make the global village of the future. A better world. Working in cooperative spirit to create abundance for everybody. No, I am not hallucinating. It is simply a new, progressive,  more productive and effective paradigm shift.

  • I am also coaching Sales People and Entrepreneurs with the Unlock the Game mindset, to craft the conversation that will help them become their own Fearless Unique Selling Proposition.

Helping Sales people to think like Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs, to think like Sales people.

  • I am facilitating “The Peaceful Woman” Passages retreats in Hawaii, in September and October two separate weeks. 6 women per week, if somebody is attracted to the idea of revealing the Real You while connecting with the sacred places of the island, I will get you the details soon.
  • I’ll be celebrating Bionic Golf Tournaments to raise funding for millennials and teenagers. To help them manifest their dreams. Become entrepreneurs, authors, physicists, actors, farmers, musicians, artists, whatever they want. Soulhangout community, helping each other raise capital. Screw the banks.
  • In view of the situation with the economy, I have decided to create different mastermind groups with 4 people each, on a fixed time frame once a week. One specific subject. That way instead of paying $350 per person, you pay $85 and  you can benefit from the input of the group. It is a great way to get unstuck. Accessible and reliable. It expedites the process.
  • I have started a group  on facebook with Paul Meisman, an  expert in MLM’s or network marketing companies, where we are guiding people through attaining success in network marketing while at the same time serving as a resource for MLM’s that are designed for everybody to make money. Not just a few. You will have weekly podcast.
  • I have started a group on facebook with weekly podcast conversations with Natalie Stoltzfus, called The UTG Sales Mindset Chamber. Going deeper into the Ari Galper mindset. If you have trouble selling the old way, this is something you want to consider listening. It will have weekly podcasts.

So, as you see, there is a lot going on. Stay tuned for more.  Thank you guys. I couldn’t have done it without you. 50/50, remember?

A big hug to everybody. I am very happy to start the ACTION phase.


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