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Acknowledge the Christmas Spirit. Acknowledge the Gifts. Acknowledge the Silence.

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Christmas Land

I always loved Christmas. It was like magic, a time that we dreamed  together, and celebrated. Whatever was our belief.  Whether the gifts came from Saint Nicholas,   Santa Claus, or the 3 kings. Whatever was our age. Seemed that we decided to forget  the rapture, the in crescendo frenzy, to focus one day in the “illusion” that everything and everybody come from the same source, and we are all one…It seemed simpler then. Less stuff. The same meaning.

So, beyond that, one day to pretend that this illusion of connection fabricated by a consuming society to celebrate unity and connection? Well, there is Thanksgiving and a couple of others. Still, not enough. Don’t you think we should always be aware of it? Not only through  the Christmas Holidays.

I have not been buying gifts this season nor last. Only for my grandson.

It feels that I have been giving people stuff for too long.  It doesn’t mean much. It’s  material. My impression, after being here for 59 years, is that

what we all really need,   more than anything in the world, is

ACKNOWLEDGMENT... Whether we admit it or not,  We are longing for it.


I  believe is a human condition common to all of us. We need to know we were heard. Recognized. Validated.  With Transparency. Why keep those things inside… To ourselves. Bottled? I am talking about the gifts of acknowledgment.

SPEAK THEM OUT LOUD! Take off all the corks! And toast to each and everybody who made a mark in your life.

It’s fascinating to me that, no matter how advanced the teacher is, always needs acknowledgment. To be able to confirm that you are actually connecting with your audience. Every time the opportunity is there. Otherwise  you are like an empty vessel.  Without a reflection. Think about it.  The mirror is  your community, or your audience.

At the CEO Space forum I heard Ron Zeller say during one of our lunches,  in  a complete genuine, humble  human powerful tone, something along the lines of  :” Thanks so much for the feedback, guys”. (I don’t know if he said “guys” but sure  felt like it.) “It’s always so important to receive it, he continued-” It confirms you are actually connecting with your audience…!”

Thanks so much Ron, for saying that. For giving me a piece of your humanity, to help lift  another veil to the 1000 and 1 nights tale. Thank you for helping me remember where leadership really is. In that walk that sounds like the talk.

It was instrumental for me at that moment. It feels great to not be the only one. It feels great to understand there is a clear request of constant communication. On both sides. 50/50.  The Magic of the Middle Line. It’s a relationship after all…Right?

And yet there is fear…

Of course, at CEO Space that human magic spreads as an antidote to the virus of the mind. At some level acts as a vessel containing and conveying the support, the brilliant information, the truth and the trust.

If  there was one piece of the puzzle I needed was that one. It’s huge. There are so many more. I will acknowledge them here one by one. CEO Space deserves all the acknowledgment  in the world.

You see? we give stuff away, but the stuff is short lived.  Futile.

Fills the need not the Feeling . Like a good ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a good ice cream… is just that it is a different thing. It has the short life of the temporal.  It passes fast.

Doesn’t have the power to fill the hole of the feeling.

Acknowledgment does.

How about starting an acknowledgment  revolution? It wouldn’t be so hard and it would spread fast. How about  giving the gift of acknowledgment to  every human being who crossed your path and marked your life one way or another. During 2008. You certainly think about it at times. How about letting the relevent people  know those thoughts out loud. Publish them in Soul Hang Out.

How about acknowledging the gifts they left with you. Sometimes without knowing.  How sometimes just one word made all the difference.  In terms of support, brilliant information, trust and truth.  Even that challenged anger that turned into action to move forward.  The  pieces of themselves they gave you, their passion, their humanity, how it  made you feel not alone. Because believe it or not, in the end we are all one. There is not much reason to feel alone.

Don’t you think is time to own up to it?

So, this Christmas I invite everybody to think that the stuff is not the answer.

Rather the stuck-ness  itself.

I encourage to start with everybody to share their acknowledgment  here too.

It will be great. It  will feel great It’s going to last. I promise.

I already gave you the above one. Ron Zeller. Here is another one. A more abstract one.

I want to thank the experience of being a spiritual being in a human body…after all,  the nectar of an orange cannot be tasted from the spirit alone.

I have been talking in the podcast with Barbara about this. Help me spread the word.

When you acknowledge, you ignite an energy, the knot in the necklace between each pearl. That energy is unstoppable.

You are welcome to post yours.


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