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Thanks Seth Godin for Naming the Dream of the Future

November 22nd, 2008 20 Comments » Filed under Letters

I found this picture, as a tribute to “Tribes.” The kaki tree from my childhood.  Winter Fruits.  A warm fruit bearing its vitality in the naked tree of the winter. Photography by Antonio Bellon a 31 year old from Spain. Flickr.

Seth Godin published his latest book. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

Thanks Seth, so much for naming the dream of the future.

For validating the partnership between our right and left brain.

For joining the conversation in our minds and confirming  we are not alone…and we are on the right track.

It helps dissipate the fear and reinforce the blind faith.

It fuels the burning desire to continue its dedicated path.

It provides the balm of  awareness in transition to imminent change.

It acknowledges the scene of the consequences of our actions.

It invites to Step in the Present and  Make History…

It reminds us that as Albert Einstein said, success without value is not success.

It revives the quiet tribal wisdom of the past to close the circle of the future.

It shows us that being spiritual is nothing more and nothing less, than being human.

After all, Galileo Galilei was right when he said: “You cannot teach man anything, only help him find the answers within himself.

Who would have guessed that the very answers within ourselves, starting with our passion, can lead to a fulfilled life  of abundance. Pretty solid concept. Pretty enchanting scene for the future. It makes pretty darn sense.

I could go on with the the layers of wisdom  and the acute/ accurate historical and socio-economic analysis that your book delivers. However, due to  its  atemporal and perennial nature we can always revisit. This is only the beginning. There will be more revelations and more realizations along the way, In the meantime I want to take the moment to tell you a little newborn tribe story.

It all started perhaps 7 years ago. I was in my early 50’s and had declared to my tribe that after 50 I would celebrate my birthday if possible all year. So, it was around March, my birthday and I had different celebrations going on. Not all necessary on the exact date I was born… One day a year to celebrate you are born, started to seem not long enough to me  those days. So I had several gatherings going on. Non of them was going to take place in my house…

“Why don’t you do a women  party” -said Becca – “That’s a great idea, -I said – We’ll do it.” When we finally got around it was May, and we were 9 women. All of them my friends. Most of them didn’t know one another. Maybe 2 or 3 but not everybody. They were as diverse as it gets in terms of age, experience and ethnicity. Each one of them was an important part of my world.

We had a blast. I was so happy to have them all dispersed around the house. In many instances they  had heard about the other through my excited enthusiasm. (I speak my thoughts out loud). I  just got out of the way and alternated  my  focus between the joy of listening to the echo of the conversations going on, my passion for the food, attending  last touches  to the great meal I had prepared for them, and  conversing with the ones brought to the kitchen by their  own organic desire to be there and help.

The conversations were fascinating. The group asserted instant homogeny. You could “taste” the energy, and “feel” the meal. It felt like the ultimate pleasure of being.

Somebody said something along the lines of some studies showing that women getting together  help boost up their endorphins in a way that actually adds physical years to your life.

Somebody said “we have to repeat this.”

The next time we did it we were 14. I liked the idea of having a sit down dinner and there is no room for more around my table. I created a special dish for the occasion. They loved it. It was a white lasagna with hearts of artichokes, crab meat, fresh mozzarella, fetta, and a white sauce sprinkled with sherry.

We talked about the need to revive the rites. The wisdom of the ancient tribes. The circle around the bonfire. We called it the White Lasagna. We institutionalized the name of the dish and  came up with a name for our encounters. “The rite of the White Lasagna.” The tribe had started its incubating period.

We started having these reunions more often. In each one we had the same menu. A green salad, the white lasagna and a special cake to celebrate again the birthdays of those ones that fell around the date of the reunion. Their extra birthday celebration.

That’s where the seed was planted. The seed of leadership I needed, to grow, and take the tribe to the next level. Sharon said . “You lead, we’ll follow.” It’s true, it wasn’t easy. However, I always had wanted to take my ideas and the coaching I developed and tested with them all to a new level. My coaching career. I was selling TV and print advertisingduring those years. They couldn’t wait for me to start…

A lot has happened since the first “White Lasagna Rite” event.

Today,  I have a blog, Soul Hang Out, a hangout place for soul activists, of course males and females who  understand that living in the present is History in the Making, and are willing to talk about their thoughts, or listen to other people’s thoughts. Plus, they are intrigued  by  the assortment of ingredients in our White Lasagna.

Today, I have created a coaching concept called “50/50 Coaching,  The Magic of the Middle Line.” People in my tribe have been applying it for years. People in my tribe have encouraged and supported me to follow this path.

Today I have  developed a “Thought Champions” Coaching program. People in my tribe want to share those conversations we have been having for  years. I want to share them with the world because I wouldn’t be here without them. Their testimonials are coming. They are bringing tears to my eyes. Their words match my words.

As an example, here is one from Silvana in Madrid:

  • That connection with life that one achieves conversing with you is a wonderful feeling!…time stops and one minute becomes an eternity…Difficult to express it in words…You have a gift to connect the other person  with his or her most profound being and revive situations that come back to clarify issues of the past to position them back in a more balanced and sane place in our lives.
  • My personal experience by your side has been very strong and I believe you have given me many tools to work in my personal development!!! That doesn’t mean it’s all done…no, of course, on the contrary…There is still a long way to learn, grow, be a better person, and you have motivated me to not be satisfied with the obtained achievements…one always can make one more step. Thank you!!!

It’s time to invite other tables around our table. Anyhow, it doesn’t accommodate enough people any more.

Thanks again, Seth for an invaluable gift to the planet…remarkable…your word, not mine.

For everybody who wants to make a difference and challenge the status quo, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us is not a choice to read. Is a must.


Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

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Thank You for this Conversation

November 13th, 2008 8 Comments » Filed under The Hawk Mindset

Thank you for the conversation you and I have been holding for the last 9 1/2 months. The written word facilitated a silent communication. I poured my soul. My purpose was to share the language of the soul.  It’s been a real pleasure connecting with you.

I feel this incubating period of silent conversation gave me a more clear vision of

Who you are,  What you need and How can I

Apply the Knowledge of my Experience to Help you Satisfy your Need, meaning Solve your Problem.

The exercise  of testing the pulse of my writing using the extraordinary Google Analitics tool, plus all the feed back and  comments from those of you who have already been part of my tribe for years,  have given me invaluable information.

Some of you know I have been crafting a coaching program,  tele-seminars,  and a blog talk radio to bring you the diverse conversations your soul longs for, to help you align your thoughts. To help you leave the paralysis of fear and enter the courageous threshold  of  action.

You belong to the growing segment of the population  who realize going beyond the status quo is a need. The risk takers, the dreamers who envision the  dream of the tribal spirit again. The circle around the bonfire.  The  origins.  The basics. The ones who are determined to maximize their full human potential.  Starting within.  The ones who want to take initiative to make their History living in the present. The ones who dared to question.

The ones who dare to embrace a new  Mindset, the Mindset of Passion, no competition, collaboration, accountability, reinventing itself  with the humble application of truth, trust building, team building and the testing of science

That’s where I can be  of help to you…and you can be of help to others.

You are not in the the majority. To put it in simple language, you are a human being who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You are right now, experiencing a growing force deep inside, pushing you to go beyond the status quo. Inside out. You are at the end of the rope here. Enough is enough. Something’s got to give.

Why?  Because you got to that point where the pain of repeating things over and over again and expecting different results hit you so hard, you don’t want one more minute of that kind of pain in your life. In both, your business relationships as well as your friends and family relationships.

You long for financial independence. Remember that business is about relationships.  Relationships with your prospect, your partner, your employees…Your friends… Real relationships. The lack of real trust is no good for long term business. In a way, the truth and the human connection are qualities the business world needs to implement if wants to succeed in the future.

We are living at a time in history that requires serious reinvention. Inside out.  Within is the place to start.

Back to you. You know making that decision of confronting the fear and stepping into the present of your life implies some kind of discomfort. But you are willing to do anything to move on from the perennially repeated paralysis of  fear. You know  now, it depends only on you. Nobody else. That’s why you  have developed a bigger than yourself stubborn determination to get rid of the pain by opening yourself to RETHINK.. and start using the power of your thoughts.

The other scenario, is that you are already reinventing yourself. You have become so passionate about the process because you can see your progress. You count with the blind faith of certainty. you are in the middle of a mindset shift. You want to talk about it. You need to share, you need to compare notes about the experience you are going through. That’s why you need ongoing conversations that will make you feel connected to other people who are doing the same.  Relating to you.  Giving you a sense of belonging. You are not alone.

It’s time to start repeating things that bring abundance in your life. Not scarcity.

I will show you one way that has worked for me and others. I can help you face the fear involved in the transition and together we can work on the inventory of your thoughts,  storing them for good in the archives of the past, where they belong.  It will take some time. We’ll determined  how much. 4,5,6 conversations…depending on your specific needs. It will be a partnership. The more determined you are to do this, the less time it will take.

4,5,6, conversations to get rid of the fear? Not bad…we can do it. 50/50.

You bring your passion to overcome and dedication to your cause, your 50.  I bring my toolbox,  we name, align and store the thoughts of fear where they belong. I’ll bring my blind faith in you too. That’s my 50.

I have to thank Alexis (with all my heart), a tribe member,  for expressing how he feels when he reads the content in Soul Hang Out. I want to share the story with you.

It was the last  Sunday of September,  once more, the annual Latino Fiesta at Mount Pleasant, in Washington DC was taking place.  That’s one of my favorite festivals. It took several years to bring this celebration to the streets of Washington DC again.  The commendable efforts by the Latino Fiesta Committee group, made it happen. It’s been going on for  at least 4 years now.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, perfect temperature. I am walking through the Hispanic crowd, the Hispanic music, difficult to resist without dancing every step, and the Hispanic food smells, finding their way to jump start my appetite.  The festive mood is in the air. Joyful  Hispanics gathering to celebrate their customs, their typical dishes and beverages, their arts and crafts and their music. When I get to almost the end of Mount Pleasant street, I meet my friends.

“I am so happy to see you,” said Alexis, while he hugged me. “There is something I have wanted to talk about with you.  Now that I see you in person is the perfect time. It’s regarding  your writing.” ” Really ?” I said, of course. I am always open to any input. It is important to know if I am connecting with my audience. “When I read your blog -he continued- I feel speechless and perplex, in a way that is so big, it’s bigger than me. I don’t know what to do with that. I can’t even write a comment on your blog.”  You have the urge to run away,” I thought but didn’t say anything. Then after a long pause he said: “How do you do that…”  How someone does that…” “What?” I asked:

“How do you know exactly what I am thinking and what I am feeling.”

“Well”  I said, “I pretty much know what I think and feel myself… That’s how I started.”  He continued to look at me in the eye and after 20 seconds of silence says: “If I didn’t know you, most likely I would not come back to your blog.”

Thanks so much Alexis for this tremendous gift. Your words resonate with the nine months research. You confirmed the same response I have been studying in Google Analitics. A very high pageview and time on site rate.  Between 400% to even 3,000 % plus compared to sites my size. Coming from the 35 %  to 40% of the readers. You confirmed also that it was actually necessary to come out and start the voice conversation.   the group conversation. The service. The ecco of the writing is not enough. I guess I have to work hard at making myself available, visible and audible as an actual person behind the writing. That has been my focus in the last weeks by the way. Thanks for your honesty. Thanks for your profound insight.

So what, sometimes there is an  urge to run away from the truth. The truth of your own thoughts and your own feelings. It’s human nature. Nevertheless, you want more than anything in the world, to trespass the barrier of fear that makes you want to run away from who you really are. In other words you want to be who you are…that person who is the  the real you. And believe it or not, that is the person we need in this pacific global  revolution.

The real you positioning him or herself to assert the truth…and succeed.

So, that is going to be one of my first coaching products, for the ones of you who have been asking.

Get rid of the fear of taking action to craft your passion into the path to financial freedom in 4, 5, 6 sessions. You decide. Or your money back.

I have been  testing it with clients and friends. It works. Here is one testimonial. I will publish them throughout the process.  There are more in the Services Tab.  Felicia wrote it. I am pleased to share it with you. It made me really  happy. Thanks so much Felicia.

When I think about Luz’s psycho-spiritual abilities, the word “wellspring” immediately comes to mind.

But first, let me say that Luz has been one of my best friends for over a decade and one of my favorite people in the world since five minutes after I met her.  She’s creative, intellectually active and a lot of fun to be with — so it’s very mentally stimulating and exciting to spend time with her.

And so I’m amazed that, in one way, it is for the very opposite reason that I’m in awe of her abilities and effect as a counselor or coach. When Luz articulates her insights about psychological or spiritual concepts that I’m already familiar with, she does it with such a lightness and a clarity that these concepts become new for me and, somewhat ironically, bring on a relieving stillness.  Following her train of thought has often enabled the transformation in me that I was struggling for but could barely imagine.  It’s very much like Dante describes the effect Beatrice has on him in The Paradiso.  Without any emotional or intellectual struggle or physical sensation, by following Luz’s train of thought, my perception of the world and myself is suddenly . . .  different. . . . and easier.

It just happened recently. I occasionally have to do some public speaking on my job and I generally hate it.  Because I work as a government watchdog, when I’m speaking publicly about facts that others are not acknowledging, I have tended to assume I’m faced with strenuous resistance.  I have often subconsciously projected my parents onto the audience (yes, cliché but true) and then a stubborn resolve, even a compulsion wells up, to make them “face the truth”.  And each time, afterwards, I’d feel drained and so disappointed with myself that I didn’t detach from a historical dynamic so that I could fully engage in the present.  Two nights before I had to speak recently, Luz read me some of her ideas about the “self” in the present, and having that self identify the goal for all of the historic and imagined other impulses that weigh in.  Listening to Luz’s description immediately clicked for me, and I had no struggle the day I spoke.
Although there were technical difficulties (which normally would have rattled me) and a number of challenges to my presentation, nothing caused intense feelings or anxiety – I simply stated the facts as I knew them and moved on.  And no mulling over it afterwards. . . remarkable.

On several occasions over the past few years, I opened a discussion with Luz when I’ve been struggling very hard in one of the most significant areas of my life – for example, problems with work or a relationship. I’d be having ideas about myself or others that I’d barely want to admit to myself let alone say to another person (generally, because they don’t square with the ideas I have or like to have about myself) .  By that point, the fear, shame, anger and/or pain were so palpable that the prospect of action and non-action seemed equally horrible.  Despite how gnarly and messy my life seemed at those moments, I’ve always been surprised that there is never a flicker of anything coming from Luz , but complete and comfortable acceptance.  It is so healing when I see that she is hearing everything I’m saying and yet is relaxed and we start talking about the situation in a non-stressful manner.

Luz has a concept of discovering the perfection in your errors. In discussing a situation with her, the “error” somehow ends up operating as a springboard for imagining and moving into a fresh, new perspective. Soon the beneficial change is no longer theoretical or barely conceivable; instead, it feels more and more imminent and exciting and the error just disintegrates into the fertilizer that it is.

So, to get back to the wellspring idea.  Although these situations have occurred with Luz a number of times and we’ve been discussing such things for years, I keep waiting for her to hit her limit, to max out, and to come to the discussion with pat answers and theories.  And it just doesn’t happen.  Each time she counsels with me, its fresh, completely in the present, and I always end up, with hope, on the threshold of a beckoning future.  It’s been going on for quite some time and so I’m in awe.  There is something special going on for Luz.  It’s like she has tapped into some very deep and wise source of inspiration and information.  It’s weird and cool and wonderful.

Thanks so much Felicia for this stupendous gift. It is accurate,  clear and in tune with my passion. As always, the way you express yourself by writing is beautiful.

“Thank you for this conversation” is a phrase I use a lot. In the relationship between two human beings there is always an exchange of gifts. When two different stories converge, there is always an exchange of value. Whether in business and /or  personal relationships. We want to bring back the personal, your person, you the one and only, to the business world.

When two human beings have a conflict, there is always an opportunity to go a little deeper.  Actually If you are able to see the exchange of gifts that happen within conflict, there would be nothing to forgive. Just a bad memory with a greater lesson remaining. You would be grateful. Even though that person made you unhappy, and you were uncomfortable for a while, the situation got you further beyond your fear. It  acted as a catalyst to move on.  If you want to take the opportunity. Then, surprisingly a deep gratitude with a vague sense of discomfort is what’s left. A gift.

Mi vision was created with a piece of every single conversation I had with who ever crossed my path in one form or another, I guess ever since I can remember. I could have not gotten here without them. A book, a marketer,  a guru, my friends especially my friends, the telemarketer who became my buddy. My grandson. Mi sons.  They all reflect back a little bit more to who I am.

There is nothing more rewarding in my world than acknowledging the value people in general bring to my life. That is the very reason I wanted to move the tribe to the next level.

So, now that we are approaching the end of the year, I am going to start a list of blessings, the gifts I have received along the way this year 2008.  I already acknowledged the ones of the past in the History Tab. Watch for that. The list is so long that I will add different people weekly.  On ongoing basis. It’s the end of the year. An evaluation of the year will help to move to the next one. Gives perspective, the big picture concept.

On Halloween, Barbara and I started this conversation. In the podcast.  The conversation about the end of the first phase.  After a nine months period of incubation since 1/31, (Sharon’s birthday.)  October 31 marks the beginning of the actual Soul Hang Out tribe to the next level. it’s interesting, it started in the month 1, incubated through month 10 1+0=1, November month 11 1+1=2 the voice conversations start and in December, 1+2=3 we will have a  talk radio with interactive possibilities eventually. A group starts with 3. I love the synchronicity. It may seem crazy, but it feels very organic symbolic and tribal to me.

Talk about the power of thought. In July this year, I decided it was time to start creating my coaching programs.  I also decided to name my method, 50/50 Coaching, The Magic Of The Middle Line. People who know me personally, have been applying this technique for years. I also  needed some partners and sponsors. It was time to come out of my cocoon. It was time to enter the unexplored territory of podcast, so that you guys get more acquainted with my “persona”, as a coach, a writer and a tribe leader. (It took some time to gather the courage to say those words. A tribe leader.  (Thanks to Seth Godin and his book “Tribes”) Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

Sharon said last year: “You lead Luz and we will follow”. So, we  entered the next phase. Creating coaching products, creating information products. Creating several conversations through talk radio. Also found partners and sponsors.

Many of you know I have been coaching  Ari Galper’s Unlock the Game gold members. On cold calling, the Ari Galper way. It’s been an extraordinary experience. There are few things so intense as cold calling when it comes to fear. Ari’s philosophy is based on truth, building trust, and mutual respect. The sales person becomes an interviewer who is there to find the truth about the prospect  problem. See if there is a fit or not as soon as possible. No waste of time chasing rainbows. The truth is much more productive. There are creative ways to work with the extra time. It changes the sales equation completely. Actually generates more business…and  more happiness. As I said, that fear is similar to other fears that paralyse you. It’s your choice to overcome them  and my role to help you do it.

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

The Thought Provoking, Irreverent  Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st C. Paradigm Shifter, Storyteller, Marketer, Visionary, Poet, Experience Coach.

Founder Soul Hangout

Founder of  Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, Soul Mastermind Groups Consciously Connecting & Combining Intelligence. The 7 “C”‘s of the 7 Condiments of Cooperation

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