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Why unlearning what you already know is the key.

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Some times it feels strange to realize that that wave of disconnected programming inflicted by the separation and competition thinking in this planet, that was imposed in my thinking when I was a child, could fade away by my command, a layer at the time…until I started to believe the whispers  of my soul, even though they were only mine…the actuality of my dna that was screaming in my stomach….until I could have all my cells in  participating in a  coherent conversation with each other. Until I could see myself in the mirror…and there I was!

The ultimate sin against humanity is to ask one single  spiritual being having the human experience to experience it half way because if you don’t,  you are going to be doomed in hell.  What would be the purpose of such a felony.  Simply the mindset of competition and separation…we did it full circle!  It is not sustainable any more…and is not human  nature, it is human B.S.

We are finally entering the era of Integrity, where cooperation and communion expand to the planetary evolution. Today is a day to celebrate that very thought that will carry us in communion and cooperation exactly to that place and believe it where we want to co-create  and believe it  The next stage of human evolution. CCCCCCC

So many times I said life is all about unlearning what you learned…and it is no joke…and then we dare to talk about love… when we don’t understand the slightest about free will…How can we really love if we can’t understand the freedom in each person’s actions. The deaths in the name of love…how futile can that be. And how ignorant and arrogant. A whole life to unlearn the learned…

We are like children building castles in the sand and then stepping of them…Why we do this to ourselves is the question. Only because it would mean to recognized that perhaps you were wrong all along? It is not easy to accept you maybe had a completely mistaken life…I understand…that is the worst of thoughts…but I am here to tell you that when you step out of those thoughts and embrace yourself with the whole enchilada, as you are completely, the perception of time changes. A minute of enlightenment is worth a whole life of darkness.  automatically…Better to live 1 day in that clarity  than a whole lifetime in the darkness of the drama.

Nevertheless, you might like to know that a culture is just an operating system…it can be wiped out and replaced by something else. It requires a collective consciousness. And you are part of the action. How exciting is that.

Happy Halloween everybody! Let’s remember the witches and the wizards wise words…from old times over the centuries… Let’s acknowledge we are Co-Creators of our reality…..


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