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I quit my job 9 months ago and I am ready to give birth.

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“You are not allowed to speak about behaviors any more”… said my boss, a couple of weeks before my resignation.

I looked at her, and knew it was the beginning of the end. We had known each other for many years. I had always been fond of her. I knew it was mutual. Even though working together for the last two years had exposed the opposite philosophies we had regarding business and life in general, leaving us both with a sense of futility.

However, I could completely understand her. She had the misfortune of having to put up with me. My daily grief about the very proven theory regarding behaviors and thoughts… The need to address behaviors in order to obtain serious change etc. It went on for over 2 years. She must have been sick of it. I can’t blame her. I know how unbearable I can be when I believe in something hard enough. . .and this was my life’s passion. She also had a very good point. I wasn’t selling enough. She wanted more sales and less problem solving non applicable theories. Mea culpa. By then I felt that our sales strategies needed a serious reinvention to match the new challenges. To keep milking the old cow the same way was simply not enough.

Our thoughts do create our reality and our behaviors are the manifestation of those thoughts.If we are able to:

Identify conditioning thoughts, and dismiss them,

(The thoughts that hold us back and prevent us from succeeding and/or ultimately being fulfilled),

and we are able to replace them with soul-thoughts that will attract the good things we need, the behaviors will follow… and Voila…we are on the way to our full potential, or what I call to meet the Ultimate You.

We become alchemists in possesssion of the inherent magic wand of Choice.With the power of transforming lead into gold. The real Masters of our Destiny.

Our thoughts do create our reality, so let’s get to work. In order to dismiss conditioning thoughts, we need to get into the habit of monitoring them. Using the barometer of our feelings to identify the ones to be dismissed or inject thought where is lacking.

Big task. By choice. Simple as that. Tedious as that. Real as that.I am not going to lie to you. No short cuts.

But we can choose to make it a fun process. We can use the magic wand of Choice to decide, at all times. Letting the voice of our soul guide us in the process.Can anything be more fun than understanding how to be empowered to reach our full potential, and implementing it?

The question is: Is it worth it, and… Can we do it. To me it was always worth it and I had been practising it ever since I could remember. I knew that if I wanted to change the world I had to start with myself and I did. That’s how serious the subject of thoughts’ power and behaviors is for me. Behaviors are the subject of change. They carry the information of the reality that needs change. It’s valuable data.

The company was in a merging transition. In order to facilitate the process of change and imminent growth and succeed, behaviors needed to be reviewed and analysed. Sound strategies had to be developed to replace the destructive behaviors with constructive ones. Everybody needed to hold a piece of the new vision, otherwise developing a common vision would be impossible.

Employees’ behaviors and clients’ behaviors, especially if we were selling advertising. There were senior employees with the company since day one. In the front line. They were there, sitting on the experienced knowledge of the front line. The knowledge that costs nothing, yet if explored correctly may be so productive. I sporadically wonder if we had followed some of my ideas, what would have happen.What if we had started a round table to pick the brain of every employee. The old soap of experience and the new ideas, fresh water for the dishwasher to work together. To get crystal clear glasses in the wash.

If we had acknowledged the old as experts, and ask for their experienced voice contribution. If we had acknowledged the new as vehicles of change and heard their new voices . With their unknown stories…and we had blended it all with a more proactive management philosophy.What would have happened. Nine months later.

In the book “Execution”, its authors Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan make the case: “You cannot have an execution culture without robust dialogue, one that brings reality to the surface through openness, candor and informality.”They also make the remark that numbers are important but they are made by people. How critical would have been to acknowledge that simple truth. People are not numbers. They make the numbers. Something like the goose that lays the golden eggs.The reality is that at some level, we are at their mercy. If they are happy and content they will make us more numbers. If not, they will be a cynic number waiting for a check.

Now, how does that translate into numbers? You do the math.It’s like global warming. A disaster waiting to happen and we prefer to look the other way and play war. To some people, global warming is even some kind of political agenda, some perverse hidden scheming campaign to instigate fear.Well, yes, it’s true, fear motivates people effectively.Fear motivates people to keep doing what they have always done, expecting different results.It maintains the status quo. Effective? You decide.

It’s like the debate on peace and war. Peace makes the majority of people more happy and guess what… more productive. Including me.

“I am here to present my resignation.”- I said to my GM -“I thank you for your efforts in working out a compensation plan to keep me in the company. I know you did your very best, and it was actually a good offer…But it’s a matter of principle” – I continued… -This is your show, you run it the way you want. I have to go and create my own show…Well… in other words, this marriage has not been a happy one.You are not getting what you want. Neither am IAn amicable divorce should be in order-I said smiling – I thank you with all my heart for giving me the push. If it was up to me, I would have remained for a longer time… you know, I am a “donkey” and tend to keep going even if it’s against all odds.

I would have wasted precious time to get on with what I really want to do with my life. Thank you for that.”

I regret to admit that I actually had been one of those painful miss-hires. Those that cost companies a lot of money. Those that feel as painful as “The ugly duckling” story. Because you don’t fit in. And they don’t feel comfortable with an outsider. An awkward situation for both parties. After that realization I was not about to extend the dysfunctional scenario. It was one of those dip situations that Seth Godin talks about in his great book “The dip.” About the fact that winners do quit and quitters win, opposed to the old adage.

Nevertheless, I was a grateful miss-hire who had used every bit of the experience to find its own mother swan, meaning its own identity and its own tribe. After wishing her the best I left her office.The morning I left, a few days later, picked up my things and walked out the door of fear oriented corporate codependency for good.

Now, it was about choosing. What my bosses were doing and how they were doing it was working for them.I had to move my ideas somewhere else.”Man and it’s circumstance” says the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset. The circumstance was created.I got motivated and inspired to make the case to anybody who would listen. And here I am. I can’t thank them enough. They touched the nerve that unleashed this discussion exactly where it’s most needed.It was almost like they were pointing out the need for the conversation, like an imaginary banner designed to subliminally sell me the idea of the focus for my new endeavor…behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

It was time to jump into the present to start consciously crafting the future with the lessons of the past.


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